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Feel-good, toxin-free braiding hair treatment that is one of a kind. So you can take better care of you, every day.

We all love to indulge in the beauty of protective styling, but it's never fun to have an itchy scalp accompanied with the feeling that our protective style is damaging rather than protecting. If you've experienced scalp irritation from protectiving styling or want to ensure that your braiding hair is toxin-free, then our braiding hair treatment will become a ritual that soothes your scalp & spirit.

It’s self-care, but it’s also clean care


We take our formulas seriously, and hold them to extremely high standards. That’s why our products are itch-free, vegan & hypoallergenic.

Cruelty Free

leaping bunny and vegan certified.* our products and ingredients never have, and never will be tested on animals.


100% recyclable packaging. our packaging is made with 90%+ post consumer recycled plastics to reduce virgin plastic production.

Better Hair, Better Care

Standard industry braiding hair is treated with a preservative to add shine, smoothe the fibers, increase the longevity of the hair, and prevent the growth of bacteria & yeast. This preservative often leads to scalp irritation which leads many of us to experience financial loss, time, and uncomfortability.

Our Braiding Hair Treatment was lab tested and created by our cosmetic chemist to remove the standard toxic preservative and retreat the fibers with an organic preservative.

Say goodbye to scalp irritation & harsh chemicals, and treat your desired braiding hair before your next install.

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