Braiding Hair Conditioner


Are you experiencing extreme itchiness and allergic reactions from braiding hair?

Our Braiding Hair Conditioner will be the fix to your issues. It's step 2 of our Braiding Hair Treatment. It's an all-natural preservative that can be used to add shine, reduce frizziness, and make the fibers of the hair silkier. It also serves as a barrier for the fibers and your scalp. 

We understand that everyone has a different preference for the texture of their braiding hair, which is why we are now offering the preservative we use on our hair. Please note that applying this conditioner to untreated braiding hair will not be effective in preventing an itchy scalp. The application of the conditioner should take place after the hair has been soaked in our Braiding Hair Shampoo. Both should be treated with warm water to open up the fibers of the braiding hair. Our Braiding Hair Shampoo should be used on the hair and should soak in it for a minimum of 45 minutes. 

 The organic nature of this conditioner allows it to be used on your natural hair, and to condition your braids on wash day!

Ingredients: Organic aloe vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin B5, Geogard ECT, Cetrimonium Chloride, Grapeseed Oil, Glycerin, Water, Organic Essential Oils (Fragrance)

  • This conditioner can be used on the following brands: Unclouded Hair, Xpressions, Freetress (regular & pre-cleaned), Dosso Beauty, Latched & Hooked, Ruwa (must soak in shampoo for an extended amount of time), Model Model


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