Have you ever gone to read the ingredients on your braiding hair, and they aren't there? Not with Unclouded! We are as transparent as can be when discussing the ingredients we have in our braiding hair. The braiding hair brands you see in beauty supply stores are filled with toxic chemicals that lead to hair loss, itchiness, hair thinness, and so much more. It's as simple as providing a list of ingredients and telling our customers why we chose them, to ensure your scalp is as healthy as can be. 

My name is Skylar Eileen, and I am the founder of Unclouded. I personally have had a roller coaster ride in distinguishing what's in braiding hair, why my scalp is reacting to it negatively, and staying firm in my belief that protective styles are meant to protect hair! The first couple times I had a protective style, my head was extremely itchy, and I didn't know the cause. As a mixed girl, I was told by many it was my hair texture, which truth be told didn't make sense to me. My issue was with my scalp, not the pattern of my curl or the tightness of the braids. My scalp was breaking out in red acne bumps and felt like burning ants. At the time, I was a Biochemistry major, and me being a mixed girl was not going to cut it to understanding why I was having an allergic reaction. I needed a conclusive answer to what exactly I'm allergic to. After a lot nights of research, I learned that the chemicals they apply to the braiding hair are carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals that have left many with alopecia, hair loss, hair thinness, scalp irritation, and acne. Through the past couple years, some brands have emerged that sell the braiding hair with no chemicals, however the issue here is that it's taking away the purpose of the chemicals, which is to reduce frizziness, add shine, hot-water set the ends, and overall allow your protective style to last. From personal use, I noticed that the colored hair such as the blondes look really dry and cheap, and overall distasteful. 

Unclouded came about as a solution to numerous problems, I personally encountered with the whole process of getting a protective style...... to making my appointment ahead of time to clean my hair..... to running out of clean hair before my head was finished.... to losing tons of time, energy, and money from taking the styles out because of scalp irritation. I love, love, love protective styles, however, the condition of my natural hair is so much more important. Protective styles are suppose to aid in growing your hair, thickening your hair/maintaining thickness, and having fun!

With Unclouded braiding hair, you are getting the best of both worlds! We have created a braiding hair that is TOXIC FREE, HYPOALLERGENIC, ITCH FREE, and PRE-WASHED. To solve the issue of frizziness, dry hair, lack of water setting, we infuse organic products such as:

-Grapeseed Oil

-Vitamin B

-Vitamin B5

-Aloe Vera

-Organic Vegetable Oil

-Then YOUR CHOICE of scented hair which we then infuse :

Organic Lavendar Oil


Organic Peppermint Oil

(our scents are never too strong)

or you can choose to have no essential oils infused into your hair.

A combination of these natural products made a certain way and then infused into the hair reduces frizziness, adds natural shine to the fibers, allows for a smoother hot water set for your ends, and most importantly, isn't damaging your hair! It's aiding in moisture retention. We love love love protective styles, and better braiding hair, is better hair care!

-Unclouded Hair