For her, him, they/them,+ you.

Our Story

You deserve the best.

We believe that hair is an extension of your natural beauty, which is why we've created hypoallergenic braiding hair infused with organic ingredients to help promote hair growth. 

 Our hair is conscious beauty because we've intentionally combined hair with science to help facilitate hair growth. 

 There's no need to pre-clean your hair because there's no toxic chemicals in & on our hair to begin with. 

 We value transparency, which is why we are the first hair extensions brand to tell you the ingredients we use. 

 Our hair is not just for her. It's for her, him, them/they. This is a space for all who love protective styles.

 We are.... 
-100% women owned 
 -Black Owned/Hispanic Owned  


"Women of color come in all shades with all textures, and all of them deserve clean beauty with the upmost amount of transparency".

             Skylar Eileen Lindley

Founder & CEO 


How did we begin?

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Dilemma #1
Experiencing an allergic reaction hours to days after a protective style. This reaction includes scalp & neck blisters, itching, pain, waste of $, & lots of irritation mentally & physically.

Dilemma #2
Having to pre-wash hair prior to an installation & not having the time.... and when we clean the hair, it isn't soft anymore and becomes dull in color.

Dilemma #3
No synthetic and human hair brands list there ingredients.... and I'm not talking about the fibers or that it's Brazilian, but what they apply to the hair to preserve it in the warehouse & make the hair last with no bacteria growth. There's no transparency in the hair extensions industry.

A doorway into ethical beauty

All of our wigs are 100% virgin human hair, and sourced ethically from donors around the world. We believe that hair is an extension of beauty, therefore those donating there hair should be compensated fairly.


Can be dyed and cut like natural hair


Quality hair that lasts longer


Natural and realistic appearance


Quality lace that melts seamlessly


On all orders

24/7 Support

Get Help When You Need

Careful Packaging

Quality Assurance


Happy customers

Highly recommend!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I love it and will be ordering more. I didn’t experience any itching on my scalp.

Valencia Gray

Love! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I loved my purchase, the hair was quality and smelled so good. Thank you again! Forever customer!

Diamond Rodriquez

LOVE the hair! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

We had an incredible experience working with Landify and were impressed they made such a big difference in only three weeks. Our team is so grateful for the wonderful improvements they made and their ability to get familiar with the concept so quickly.


Beautiful Butterfly Locs ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The hair is so beautiful thank you for making a healthy alternative for protective styling.


Frequently asked questions

How many packs of hair should I buy?

We recommend purchasing the regular amount of hair you usually purchase from the beauty supply. If you don't purchase hair from the beauty supply store or have never done a particular style before, we recommend asking your stylist. However 8-10 packs of hair is on average the amount we recommend for small or medium waist length box braids. We also recommend purchasing 1-3 packs extra in case you do run out.

What exactly is synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair is a polymer. It's made from acrylic that is heated and strung into strands to make individual fibers. Typically, fibers of modacrylic, vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride, polyester, nylon are used for artificial hair.The synthesis of modacrylic fibers involved utilizing the properties of each polymer to graft out a suitable product. In this case, the intended product would be flame resistant, have high tensile strength, and appropriate refraction properties. "Polytails and Urban Tumble Weaves: The Chemistry of Synthetic Hair Fibers" By: Lesia Whitehurst (YALE National Initiative)

How do I maintain my natural hair & braids?

Your natural hair and scalp is more important than your braids. If you have continued irritation, take them out immediately! Although we do provide clean synthetic hair, some people are still allergic to synthetic fibers, and your braids could be too tight., which could cause irritation. Make sure to oil your scalp at least once a day, but twice is better. This helps with hair growth & putting moisture back into your hair after you've stripped it from blowing it out for your braids. Also make sure to wash your hair and your braids with shampoo and conditioner (We recommend anything with Peppermint, which will soothe your scalp from buildup and tension from the braids) at least a week to two weeks after your installation. If you workout, you can use a warm washclothe to cleanse your scalp. Lastly, we recommend blow drying your roots and then oiling your scalp after washing. 

Can I use your hair for crochet styles?

Yes! You can use our hair for crochet styles. Our Marley Hair is great for crochet braids and kinky twists.  week to two weeks after your installation. If you workout, you can use a warm washclothe to cleanse your scalp. Lastly, we recommend blow drying your roots and then oiling your scalp after washing. 

Are the wigs 100% human hair?

Yes! All of our wigs are 100% virgin human hair. This means that the hair has come from one donor, and has not been dyed, colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. The cuticles of the hair are also intact moving in the same direction.

Can I return my hair?

We have a 7-day return policy for our braiding hair, as long as the hair has not been used & the integrity of the hair is intact. 

 We have a 30-day return policy for our wigs. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our products.

Please refer to our Refund Policy Page below for further details.