You've removed your braids, now what?

First things first, do not panic!

All the hair that is shedding is completely normal. To put things in perspective a bit, you loose about 100 hairs a day, with and without braids. You just don't notice as much because hair is constantly falling off without your knowledge throughout your day. When you have a protective style in, the hair that sheds doesn't have any place to go, so it just builds up under your style. 

Aftercare Guide

Assuming you've already taken out all the hair extensions, we are going to dive into how to take care of your natural hair. If you need step by step instructions on removing your hair extensions, please refer to blog post "How to take out braids without damage or loss". 

1. Your hair has been tucked away for weeks, and it's time to dissolve of any build up from your new growth.

Grab a spray bottle, and dampen your hair. You can use just water, or create a water and leave-in conditioner mix to help detangle your hair. Focus on adding water to the root of your hair where you see any build up, and gently finger detangle your hair down to the ends.

2. Now it's time to detangle!

Separate your hair into sections. I personally like to start in the back of my head and work my way up to the front. Creating a water and leave-in conditioner mix can help the detangling process a lot, especially if you have thick coily curls. Use a wide-pick tooth comb and gently hold the root of your hair that you are going to detangle. Working from the end to the root, gently work your comb through your hair. The last thing your hair needs is any continuous tension, which is why we recommend "anchoring" the root of your hair while detangling the ends. 

3. Let's restore your natural crown

Now it's time to wash your hair. If you used a leave-in conditioner, thoroughly detangle your hair in sections. Then wash away any product!