Protective styles are meant to protect, however improper installation and removal can cause damage. We want you to maximize all the hair growth you can get, which is why we've provided this takedown guide to help keep that new growth alive.

What You Need

1. Scissors

2. Wide-tooth comb

3. Rattail comb

4. Spray bottle with water

5. Shampoo/Conditioner

6. Leave-in Conditioner

Step 1: Cut braids

For this step, you will need your scissors. We recommend cutting your braids to a shorter length than what they are. This step can be a little tricky because we don't want you to cut your natural hair, so cut about 2-3 inches below where your natural hair ends. Cutting your braids can save you some time and the braids will start to naturally unravel once you cut them, making the unbraid easier.

Step 2:  Work in sections

We recommend starting in the back of your head and then working your way to the front. You will need your rattail comb, wide-tooth comb, and spray bottle for this step. First, spray the area where your natural hair resides.Then start unraveling the braid from the end. You can use your hands or use the rattail comb to unravel the braid. Make sure not to pull on the braid to create any tension. Once the braid is unraveling, use the spray bottle to wet your hair and then use your wide-tooth comb to take out any build up that has formed due to the new growth. Make sure to target the root of your hair, and lather the water and/or leave-in conditioner throughout the hair. Your hair doesn't need to be drenched, but damp enough to detangle. This step is the longest step and once you finish removing the hair extensions, the rest is familiar territory.

Step 3: Wash your hair

Now it's time to cleanse your scalp. Hop in the shower and use a shampoo that is meant to do a deep cleanse. Shampooing and conditioning in sections allows you to ensure that all the hair is being nourished and coated with product. Work the shampoo into your scalp and gently massage the product. It's normal to see more hair shedding, after all we loose at least 100 hairs a day, and you've had this protective style in for weeks. 

We then recommend using a deep conditioner that you can leave in your hair for at least 10-15 minutes. This will restore any moisture that your hair needs. If you don't have a deep conditioner, use a regular conditioner and let it sit in your hair for 5-7 minutes. Detangle as needed and then wash away your conditioner! 

We recommend letting your hair flow naturally and waiting at least a day before doing a slicked back bun or anything that has tension. Allowing your hair and scalp to breathe and not be manipulated can allow your curl pattern to remain in the healthiest condition. 


We recommend waiting at least 1-2 weeks before your next protective style. During this time period, it's time to plan what alter ego you step into next.