The quality of hair for a wig is very important, but so is the quality of the lace. The lace can and will determine how seamless and natural your hair will look. 

What is bad lace?

Bad lace is when it's thick and plastic-like. The thicker the lace, the harder it is to melt into your skin. Whether you have a lace front wig or a closure wig, the thinner the lace, the easier and better it'll melt. Most people bleach the knots of their lace, which makes the knots undetectable. When you have bad lace, bleach will not make the knots undetectable at all! 

Then on the flip side, when you find a wig with superb lace, the quality of the hair itself isn't premium. When you have good lace, but bad quality hair, you'll find that it's still difficult to bleach the knots, because the hair is usually a synthetic blend which won't dye. If you know it's 100% human hair, and the knots are not bleaching still, it could mean that the hair was dyed with fabric dye which then stained the knots.

Unclouded Wigs

We've personally experienced the disadvantages of a bad quality wig, and we've used that experienced to construct a wig that caters to your needs. We have a wide selection of 100% virgin human hair wigs with quality lace that will melt seamlessly into your scalp. You can create baby hairs for edges, or if you prefer not too, you won't have to worry about the knots on your lace looking unnatural!